Cooperative Principles Put Into Action

We’re Walking the Talk: Making Ownership Real


2019 CU*Answers Business Plan Summary:2019 Business Plan Summary

Finding New Norms

An official standard or level that organizations are expected to reach

This is part of an effort for CU*Answers to encourage credit unions and CUSO to be inclusive of all owners when it comes to business plans and other business activities that owners might want to take an active part in. It is the difference in a cooperative; the community owns it and should be treated with the respect owners deserve.
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The Power of Ownership

CU*Answers Board Member HandbookAt CU*Answers, we drive the power of ownership home with our customer-owners. Our volunteer board is an asset to our organization and the network as a whole. Through programs like CollabRebate, the Innovator Investment & Grant Program and the rest of the Cooperative Score programs, ownership in the network and participation with the network offer valuable returns.

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