Cooperative Principles Put Into Action


One of the common complaints we hear from our clients is the difficulty in preparing for regulatory examinations.  If you had an idea of what to expect, we believe you would be much more effective and score higher on your next assessment.

To solve this problem CU*Answers created ExamShare.  ExamShare will be a website where you and your peers will provide feedback through a survey regarding your examination experience.  CU*Answers will take those answers and send out reports breaking down survey responses by such criteria as region, size, credit union charter, and exam subject matter.  Armed with this information, your credit union will have a better idea of what to expect from examiners in your region.

The basic concept of ExamShare is as follows:

  1. Within 24-48 hours after an examination is concluded, CEOs or designated individuals log on to ExamShare and complete a survey.
  2. Those survey results will be made available on the ExamShare site.
  3. Each month, CU*Answers will take those results and publish reports so our clients can see the areas your examiners are focusing on in your region or by your credit union size.

The focus of ExamShare will be away from the personalities involved and instead on the subject matter of the examinations.  CU*Answers wants to take out the element of surprise as much as possible the next time a regulator appears at your institution.  We will never ask for information that cannot legally be divulged, such as CAMEL ratings.

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